Albion Vinyl Sampler

At last the Albion vinyl sampler sees the light of day! We've waited far too long for this hotcake, but as they say "the best things come to those who wait". We've pressed up four crazy disco gems here on the vinyl sampler. We start with "Leslie" by the Nevaboston Team originally released in 1978 on a rare as rocking horse shit Italian 7" Albion gives it his subtle but effective treatment blending both parts together to create a new take on this killer piece of music (wait for the horns to drop for maximum dance floor devastation). Oh and I nearly forgot to mention this is exclusive to the sampler never ever released

Norma Jordan's "Feel Me" also gets the Albion snip and this delightful tracks begins with a quite a dark intro, mutating acid & disco until Norma's inviting voice comes to the front and absolutely smashes any dance floor into smithereens.

On the flip one the hardest Italian disco nuggets to get a grip on is unleashed. Yes my friends "Krypton" by Captain Torkive is extremely hard to locate. Imagine if "space disco" was actually a disco on the moon! After the all night party you hail down the next available shuttle to take you back to Earth you ask the driver to switch to Space FM and you hear "Krypton" the perfect soundtrack as you gravitate back down to terra firma.

Whilst we are on the subject of space "Invasione" by Eva Eva Eva would be another track on the Space FM playlist. Yes another hard to get Italian bomb that glides through the half disco half psyche path of destruction. I big commanding voice reminds us about the cold war. He tells us to calm down and dance the disco dance our hero!

Once again it's limited edition with NO REPRESS so buy now or cry later. RELEASED JULY 4th

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